Druzy Agate
Associated with love, peace, stress relief, intuition, and the strengthening of the spirit. This stone can be found in various shapes-sizes and can also be carved into distinct figures like hearts, spheres, etc. The term “Druzy” is referred to the tiny, glittery crystal structure that is formed on the surface of the host stone. In the case of Druzy Agate, the host stone is the Agate healing stone.

It motivates trust among the people and helps you become a better leader. The stone helps in bringing clarity to thoughts at every stage of life and helps you make better decisions. Druzy agate crystal has also been known to boost the ability of intuition. It enhances your ability to judge a situation and intention. It also increases your reaction time towards thoughts and actions.

Spiritually, Druzy Agate crystal is well known for its ability to enhance calmness. It also ensures consistent growth.




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  • Our crystals are ethically sourced and from people who love them as much as we do. So love, light, and passion are there with regards to the intention. We always cleanse our crystals in three ways and then still reprogramme and set the intention to that crystal's ability of healing.

    Due to mother nature and her incredible ability to produce these stones they will differ in shape, weight, and coloring may vary from the picture.

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