The Beauty of Crystals for Dogs
Treat your pets to healthy vital gem water as they drink from a crystal elixir pet water bowl. A solid glass bubble and lotus shaped bowl keep the crystals safely where animals can't touch them.

Crystal healing is as effective and potent as it was in ancient times. It's even more effective with animals. Our crystal elixir pet bowl allows you to keep the bowl clean. The crystals provided for the dogs are amethyst, rose quartz, smokey quartz, aventurine, and clear quartz, this creates crystal-infused water for healthy happy pets.



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  • Shipping will depend on weight and country that the parcel needs to be sent to. Shipping price will be determined after checkout in a seperate invoice. We take pride in our products and always pack them with intention and love so that when you receive it, it's something special to look at.

  • Our crystals are ethically sourced and from people who love them as much as we do. So love, light, and passion are there with regards to the intention. We always cleanse our crystals in three ways and then still reprogramme and set the intention to that crystal's ability of healing.

    Due to mother nature and her incredible ability to produce these stones they will differ in shape, weight, and coloring may vary from the picture.