Incense Burning Boat
Naturally sourced, mango wood, hand polished and made just to fit a medium size bundle of sage and two holes at either end to hold incense sticks at different levels. Will also hold palo santo and other cleansing sage types.

Let the calm and loving energy gently season you as the sage burns and crystals shine ~🌱 Everything you see is sustainably sourced and packaged with sincere care and attention - even our packaging is recyclable!



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  • Our handmade spritzers are lovingly handmade by us in small batches to ensure quality. We have worked hard to formulate recipes that are skin loving and free of parabens or other nasty chemicals found in many bath and body products. Due to the handmade nature, the shape, weight, and coloring may vary from picture.

    Allergy Test: We recommend you perform an allergy test for every product on a small patch of skin prior to using.