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Animal General Reiki

Balancing through energy and symbol

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 46 British pounds
  • Doha

Service Description

A general Reiki session, is where we find out by scanning the body with energy to pick up which energy points (Chakras) are out or off. Then an intention is set and the session is then preformed by the Reiki Master opening up the flow of the life force and letting it balance the animals chakras - thus attuning the animal and balancing their body. This session encourages and supports positive personal choices and may help animals to better cope with life’s challenges. This energy is gentle and can be given to any animal or bird of any age should they wish to receive it. They do not need to be physically awake to decide. If their body does not wish to receive Reiki, the energy will not flow and when they have had enough again it will stop flowing as they no longer draw it from the practitioner.

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