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The Pullman Spa
Doha, Qatar

Private Sound Therapy Sessions

About the treatment.

Integrating sound therapy or sound baths into spa treatments can offer profound benefits, creating a unique and deeply restorative experience for clients. To effectively implement and promote these treatments, here is a detailed plan focusing on the specific aspects of sound therapy, including tuning forks and crystals.


This treatment aims to provide a unique, one-on-one sound therapy experience that promotes healing and relaxation. Inform clients about the benefits of sound therapy and how it can help balance and heal the body and mind. Ensure quality and authenticity by collaborating with experts to maintain high standards and authenticity in the sound therapy treatments offered. 

Wellness Quote from the Pullman Hotel (Accor Group).

As a wellness manager in the hospitality industry, I've become accustomed to attention to detail and the highest standards of guest service. Working with Kerry from the first session she facilitated, I knew I did not need to worry about anything. Her professionalism, knowledge, and guest service make her a pleasure to work with, whether in a group setting or one-on-one private sessions. I know our guests are in good hands when they have a session with her and her passion for supporting and understanding the healing. The impact of what she does is truly amazing to witness.

  • Berinda Brink, Wellness and Recreation Manager Pullman Hotel, Doha

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