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The Mandarin Oriental Spa
Doha, Qatar

Crystal and Sound Ritual 

About the treatment.

This treatment deeply resonates with your well-being, promoting calmness self-love and compassion. This treatment includes intention setting in breath work, it helps soothe the body by incorporating Himalayan singing bowls. By utilising crystals within this treatment, one absorbs the energies from the crystals and optimal pressure is applied on pressure points. This treatment allows you to relax fully with a rose oil full body massage followed by a Knesko skin gem-infused face mask application with a rose quartz roller. Treatment is created in partnership with The Subliminal Self and Crystal Auras.

Wellness Quote from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

“We have been fortunate to collaborate with Kerry from The Subliminal Self when introducing the brand-new Crystal & Sound Ritual into the spa’s range of specialised offerings. We had partnered on several workshops and Sound Healing sessions as well prior to this project. When I discussed the idea with Kerry, we worked through the details together building the end result. She was helpful and prepared a training for the team of therapists on the crystals and the sound bowls. She also curated the exclusive music playlist for the duration of this experience. The Crystal & Sound Ritual has been exceptionally well-received, with numerous wellness guests praising it as one of the most enjoyable experiences they have ever had.”

  • Cassandra Forrest, Senior Director of Spa & Wellness, Mandarin Oriental, Doha

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