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Energy is Everything

Updated: Apr 23

Energy is universal. We are made of energy. Everything in this world is made up of energy which can be defined probably most simply as information that vibrates.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates. Everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing rests. And that everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you. Everything is made up of energy. What we see or perceive as our physical "reality" is actually just an illusion. Everything is made up of the spinning vortices of protons and electrons that are vibrating at different rates giving off a specific frequency. And there are also things that we cannot see things that have subtler patterns. Things that we will experience through the senses, but all of this is energy. The reason we experience “matter” (Gross/physical energy) is because, firstly, light photons are reflected off the energy fields of atoms. We don’t actually “see” matter, we see a veneer of reflected light. Secondly, the illusion of physicality is related to the fact that an atom’s energy vortices are force fields that are palpable when we touch them. Bottom line, the Universe is made of one thing … energy. Interesting fact: No two people share the same self receptors.

Recognizing the rule that energy is neither created nor destroyed, when a “physical” body dies the energy atoms are recycled by Nature. Interestingly, our individual identities are defined by a set of cell membrane “self-receptors” that respond to a unique identity field that we have historically referred to as spirit. The existence of spiritual energy fields is recognized by quantum physics. A profoundly important quote from the world’s most prestigious scientific journal, Nature, by Johns Hopkins University Professor of Physics Richard Conn Henry, sums up a most important conclusion, “The Universe is immaterial - mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy.”

Energy that we perceive through our senses, that can be said as subtle energy and subtle body awareness. So our senses are the subtle energy structures that are energies that are too high or too low in frequency to be easily measured. But we can tell that they exist because they produce an effect. We cannot talk about subtle energies without also examining the physical or gross energies. The subtle cannot be separated from the physical anymore than dirt can be pulled out of water and remain drinkable.

There's a presentation called "A model of subtle energy" and this suggests that subtle energies operate on a different plane or continuum then do physical energies, yet they can at least somewhat be defined in comparison to physical energies.

A definition based on the ideas expressed in "The Science of Homeopathy" :
"Physical energy manifests in the positive time space frame is electrical in nature and has positive mass. It travels slower than the speed of light and gives rise to gravity. This means that you can see it. Subtle energy, however occupies the next time space frame or other time space frames. It manifests in the negative time space frame and has negative mass. It is magnetic in nature and travels faster than the speed of light. It gives rise to what some call levitational Force. This means you can't see it, but can note its seemingly paranormal effects.

"One reason that it's difficult to fully comprehend or explain subtle energies is that science still does not really understand energy. We simply don't have the tools yet to go deeper.

Sourcing from and reference to Sound Embrace and Bruce H. Lipton.

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