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Sound and Frequency in the Body

So we often say we can't see sound right? and not only that but how and why it effects the body as it does, and any "body" actually, not just a human being body, but we will start there for now. ( The mind get's blown away sometimes with all these facts, so baby steps). There is an amazing demonstration that has been recorded which has been called "record" of the human body and the sound frequency it produces.

Here's where I geek out a bit because sound and frequency are fascinating and to see more and more trials been done makes me so giddy. So we can't see sound we can feel it, we can hear it, we know we feel different after a sound bath or a sound healing session but why? Firstly it's because that vibration that comes off those instruments at a certain frequency disrupts those awesome cells in your body and their functions - so think of sound or frequency as something that calibrates your physical instrument which is your body.

Secondly certain frequencies and vibrations do or will have a different effect on the human body, organs and cells, however this is where "Cymatics" come in.

According to Hans Jenny, - Let me get my science on just for a bit ;)

"The key to healing the body with specific tones lies in our understanding of how frequency acts upon genes, cells, and other structures of the body. And only then will we know how to determine the exact frequency of each individual human being." - This leads us to Hans's study which was "Cymatics" which is hang in there with me: the study of sound and vibration made visible, typically on the surface of a plate, diaphragm or membrane. From ancient Greek: κῦμα, meaning "wave", Cymatics is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena. The study of visible sound and vibration.

Now I want that to soak in some so I found this epic video of Human Harmonic - A symphony of sound from the human body. That shows us how amazing our bodies truly are and are producing those frequencies and vibrations all differently in each and everyone of us!!! When you now start to look at it all together it creates the whole image orchestral symphony that is happening inside your body - and that's beauty of Sound and the body.

Credit to : The University of Colorado Hospital (UCH)

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